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Melissa Fleischman – Executive Director &  Volunteer Intake Coordinator

My name is Melissa Fleischman and I conceived the launch of Olive Us Care in 2017 prompted by the lack of a free childcare program for parents and siblings of patients dealing with a cancer diagnosis in the Greater Hamilton Area.

The organization is in honour of my late grandmother, Olive Brewer. She was a feisty 80 old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and I saw first hand how much she appreciated the kind words and gestures of those who supported her. I wanted to give that feeling to others in her memory.

I was born and raised in Hamilton and spent many years babysitting and then as a nanny for various families throughout the community. Knowing the childcare need within “healthy” families made me seek to find a way to provide families with cancer a childcare reprieve. 

Olive Us Care’s vision is to compassionately provide volunteer care for families with young children. We know, first hand, how difficult life becomes for a family when a parent or child is diagnosed with cancer.

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Michelle Caon, RN – Client Family Intake Coordinator

I am a wife, mother of two and dog lover. My greatest passion in life is family, friends and travelling. 

I believe my strengths are communication, empathy and a positive attitude

I am an experienced RN with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from McMaster University and hospital training in Pediatrics, Surgery and Oncology. 

Having lost my mother at a young age to breast cancer I understand great loss and the strength needed to overcome it.