How old do you have to be to volunteer?  

You must be 18 years of age to volunteer.

Am I allowed to volunteer with more than 1 client family at the same time?

We do not permit volunteering with more than 1 client family at a time within our organization. It is important to provide the client family with your undivided attention.

What training will volunteers receive? 

After volunteers complete the intake package with required documents they will be required to attend an orientation meeting. At that time there will be sessions in areas such as oncology,  grief management and childcare practices. 

How will families and volunteers be matched?

Based on client intake information and volunteer availability we will do our best to ensure the best possible match, taking into account stated interests and time commitments. Of course even with all of this sometimes things do not work out. At Olive Us Care we will do what we can to reassign someone who may be a more suitable help to your family needs. 

How long before I can expect a volunteer to be assigned to my family?

This will be based on volunteer availability. Our goal is to match client families with a volunteer within 30 days. At times this may be shorter or longer based on availability. 

Are client families expected to provide anything for the volunteer i.e.  transportation? 

The expectation will be that the client family has no responsibilities towards the volunteer.